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Marc Griffiths has helped businesses around the globe boost morale, develop solid teams, and increase productivity.


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Improve productivity and


Award-Winning Motivational Presentations for Employees

 Marc provides team and staff motivational workshops. His sessions inspire, motivate and encourage. He equips staff and teams to ‘get out their box’ and achieve higher levels of happiness and success in business, school and at home.

fun, uplifting, and motivational staff workshops

Low motivation, stress, fear, disunity, and poor performance are issues that many staff struggle with. By addressing the root causes, Marc is able to boost staff morale, improve performance, and shift atmospheres.

Takeaways include new motivation, success, purpose, and goal setting. Improved communication skills. Raised morale and happiness levels. Improved attitude. A lot of fun and laughter.
As a world-class motivational speaker, entertainer, and author, Marc has spoken in 5000 venues to over a million people.

He has researched, written, and spoken for 25 years, speaking on the subjects of Happiness, Personal and Professional Development, Self-Esteem, and Living with Purpose. He runs several video series and was recently invited, as one of the happiest achievers on the planet, to coauthor the Amazon bestseller ‘1 Habit’.


“The best speaker we’ve had in 15 years and 750 speakers!”
Bill Perdue – President, Kiwanis Club, Atlanta

“Wow!!! Marc Griffiths was a BIG hit speaking to my staff. I’d seen him before, invited him, wanting to inspire my teams and Marc blew all expectations. They’ll be talking about him for months!!!!!!!”
Scott Keesey – Senior Event Planner, CMC, Carollton, GA

“Marc spoke at an event I was in charge of. When he spoke the venue manager laughed so much she had tears running down her face and had to reach for her asthma pump! I would highly recommend Marc for his professionalism and likability on and off the stage.”
Phil Evans – Professional entertainment and event Organiser, Cardiff

“Marc exceeded expectations! Funny, moving, and took us on a thrilling roller coaster ride with a call to action at the end! How great speaking should be done! Recommended highly.”
Debra Woodard – Senior Event Planner, Pinewood Film Studios



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